Accident Recovery

There is nothing quite as chaotic as an accident scene. Road accidents occur frequently in New Zealand, and sometimes the damage caused after the initial collision can be on a greater scale than that of the collision itself. Damaged vehicles occupying road space is a hazard for road users, so it is very important for the safety of other drivers that accident recovery services are requested immediately following a roadside accident.

ACE Heavy Haulage’s tow service specialises in efficient car accident clean‐up, and can send a team to your accident site within a short timeframe. Our trucks are properly equipped for towing away broken and damaged vehicles to safe locations, and we are also able to offer vehicle accident co‐ordination; ensuring that debris is cleaned up properly and the site is adequately protected and supervised.

Our staff are all very competent professionals, well‐versed in OSH procedures, compliance, working with emergency forces and also standard hazard safety procedures. When you find yourself faced with an accident scene clearance, we are the team you want on the job!

Let us manage all aspects of your accident recovery, and towing any damaged vehicles with one of our custom‐built tow trucks. Call our friendly accident recovery dispatch team on 0800 TOO TOW (0800 866 869), available 7 days a week, and we will send prompt, reliable help your way.Accident Recovery in Auckland by ACE Heavy Haulage Ltd.

Remember the ACE Heavy Haulage guarantees:

  • Affordable, fast, friendly, reliable service
  • Customised tow trucks and equipment for your heavy haulage needs
  • Expert advice and assistance from real professionals!

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